it only just occurred to me that to non mma fans this shirt is fucking gibberish

Pigeon in the  Park by Rodolfo Coletti on Flickr.




what do birds do 


I apologise for my ignorance, birds are important

I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna wake up in time for the G1 in the morning
eatyourpaisley asked: RANCID

Am I a fan?: yeah they’re not bad

Favorite song: Ruby Soho

Favorite album: …And Out Come the Wolves

Favorite member: whichever one isn’t Lars or Tim Armstrong

Seen live?: nope

Unpopular opinion: Jesse Michaels was the talented one from Op Ivy

Band rate: 6 spider web elbow tattoos out of 10

chelsea-george asked: You teach history? What level? Where?

I teach 7th grade special education in PA. I’m with the kids in history and science, but my degree is in History Education

Alex. 25. M. Hockey. Wrestling. MMA. TCGS. Tokusatsu. Bird.